All French Car Day - Sydney 17th July 2005

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Every year around the French Bastille day the Peugeot, Citroen and Renault car clubs in NSW hold the all French car day and this year it was held at Silverwater park adjacent to the Parramatta River. We have been attending these events irregularly since 1993 when we would get around 20 to 30 cars attending. The 2005 event is the largest event since these meetings have been held with around 250 French cars in attendance with many more not entering the event and remaining in the car park. It was pleasing to have the Simca car club in attendance, and a Simca Mantra was included in the final concourse judging. There were many fine older models represented from all of the four marques, many lovingly restored and others lovingly maintained. Many of these older cars were fully registered and used on a weekly and daily basis. Frank Wicks lovely green 4CV is driven on a daily basis and has been continually registered since 1956. The earliest cars there were the 50's models and there were no Veterans unfortunately.

This was the first time that our recently restored Dauphine had been shown at a car event. We were surprised that we won the best 1950's Renault and it was a great reward for the work that we put into the restoration of the car and especially since we did most of the work ourselves.


Please feel free to take any of my photos if you so desire.

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This is the immaculate R8 of Kevin Byron which he completed just over 12 months ago. There is also another just completed R8. The 4CV of Frank Wicks, still looking pristine and used daily by Frank for his transport to work.
The only R16 on the day is that of Stewart Barnet. It is nicely set up for rallying with racing seats, roll cage and even a hydraulic handbrake to get the car sideways. A very nice restoration. Have also added a nice Feugo which will soon be entering the restorable class. Only one R10 was there, but a very nice original car.
A solitary A110, but there are only several of these models in Australia, most of which are left hand drive. A good turnout of extremely nice Florides and Caravelles, including the "S" models in both styles.
Renault Dauphines were also well represented. Also Uwe's immaculate Fregate. Other Marques - Peugeot, Citroen and Simca (Some car that Simca)

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