Renault Dauphine

Dauphine road test report by Wheels Australia circa 1960
Dauphine Sales Brochure - 1960
This is the Dauphine (Australian 1958 model) just after it was originally registered in 1991. The car was very original and had very little rust. The gearbox was a three speed, but was noisy. It was replaced soon after registration with a later model four speed. The only work done on the engine was replacement of the timing idler gear, and a set of new rings and bearings. We painted the interior and exterior as it had deteriorated. Seats and interior fittings and linings were just cleaned. This is a photo of my Dauphine (1998, the last time it was driven) and John Brigden's Gordini. They were used as wedding cars for my eldest son Adam's wedding. Mine had not been used for a year, but it ran very well for the week that we had the permit to drive it.

Restoration 2001/2004 Finally finished in January 2005

The longevity of this project was not helped by us being in the UK for 8 months in 2001 and 17 months in 2003/2004, but finally it is finished, and now onto the R8 Gordini (R1134)!!

In 2000 we decided that we would bring the Dauphine back to a driveable car again as it had not been used since 1998. Our intention was to just clean it up and repaint then register it. This plan did not work out as the car had to be taken back to metal, then panels straightened, so it became a major task. It was supposed to be finished in October 2000, but as I put this together in March 2001 and updated it in 2004, it is still being completed. It will be back to a pristine car again. If you are a purist, you will not like the colour. We like it and it goes with the new brown interior upholstery from a Dauphine Gordini.
d1 d2 d4
Panels are stripped and straightened ready for etch prime There was still body filler used in many areas to get the small ripples out. It was not to be a concourse car. The paint stripping is nearly finished and the rust that invaded the rear passenger floor has been removed. The rear still needs some workaround the tail light area where there is past accident damage.
Only the driver's seat and the dash left inside the car and the spray putty/undercoat has been applied. Now to rub it all back and apply the colour The new interior from a Dauphine Gordini Haven't finished the Dauphine Gordini wheels as yet, but it is looking good even with the standard ones.

Used after market stainless steel side mould strips. Nice new front badge which I have had for 10 years or so awaiting a resurrection of the car.

Dis the paint with Acrylic and then a two pack clear gloss. The acrylic was perfect, but not having sprayed two pack before, I mucked it up, but elbow grease and 1200 wet and dry and it is looking good.

The engine is a complete rebuild with new pistons and sleeves, a complete head rebuild and all dynamically balanced. Electrics is being upgraded to a 12 volt system, but still running a Generator.

As can be seen, it is the Dauphine Gordini for that extra 10 horsepower. It also has the later Aerostable rear suspension.