Trophee Gordini France - La Chatre 2001

The Trophee Gordini association of France held it's 6th annual meeting in La Chatre, a small town in the centre of France about 2 hours south of Paris. Why this pretty little town? It does have a race circuit 1km out of the town. The weekend consisted of a navigation rally through the beutiful French countryside on the Saturday, and a day at the race track on the Sunday.

The Saturday rally started at around 10:00am heading on a 60 km course from La Chatre to Crozant and return. Cathy and I went on the rally in our rented Renault Megane. We were heading off out of town, when several of the local R8's were heading the other way. We thought that the locals would know the way, so we made the mistake of a U turn and following until we realised they did not have a clue where they were going, so another U turn and back doing our own navigation. I have run in many historic rallys in OZ, and this one was excellent as the countryside changes in such a short distance and the scenery was picture book. Weather was fantastic as well as the food. Saturday evening was the main dinner, where once again we had fine food and conversation about Gordinis, France and Australia.

Sunday was the day at the track. This was quite different to a supersprint in Oz. I think that there was a 20 car limit on the track at one time, and there were 72 cars entered. Many of the cars were standard Gordinis, including a Dauphine, and others were other Renault powered, including an R5 turbo II powered R8 and a Clio powered Dauphine. The car that I went in was an R16 powered R8 gordini owned by James. We had to leave by 3:00pm, but at this stage one of the R8 Gordinis dropped a rod and put a lot of oil on the track, right on the tight corner into the very short straight. The Renault types racing were Dauphines, R8's, Alpine A110's and a lone Twingo. Having around 60 R8's at a race track was unbeleivable. You would be lucky to even see one R8 at a race track in OZ.

Congratulations Gordini Club on a great event!!
Saturday at the Barrage, Cars and Entrants A good cross sctions of the Sunday lineup A long line of Gordinis
Pit Lane lineup Not a standard Dauphine An immaculate Dauphine racer
Not one of the racers, but a nice Berlinette A nice 1300 Alpine Red is a fast colour
The R12 Gordinis at the rally lunch Christophe's Immaculate R1135 Pilot James et moi
A very quick Dauphine James and me under the slower Alpine 4 R8's up the straight, all with co drivers

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