Renault R1134 Gordini Restoration

2011 Completion

The first engine run and drive happened on 18th September 2011. Here is a short video of the event.

Finally finished, slight engine knock repaired, registered and been to its first Renault Show.

Just awaiting the bumpers and finishing of the go faster stripes.

2009 Restoration

I have finally started work on my R1134 Renault Gordini and have some photos below of the progress.

Work started in may 2009 when we disassembled the complete car to send the body for sandblasting. After it was cleaned, work has commenced in June. the body cleaning revealed some imperfections in the car a it has been rallied and the "B" pillars had been replaced, or repaired. The turret, front and rear of the car was misaligned after previous accident damage and poor repairs. The only saving grace with the body is that there is only a couple of small rust spots in the boot.

I had previously purchased a new bonnet and front guards from Caravelle Imports in Melbourne 10 years ago. They were damaged in transit to OZ, but are better than a couple of second hand ones that I had. The body has now been straightened and the pillars and boot area straightened. The front doors now actually close properly in the apperture.

The panel work is now finished and the body etch primed. Next task is to spray stone guard on the under body and the door interiors.

Last Updated on 24 November 2011