Renault Car Club UK - Car Show - September 2004

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I spent a car weekend and found that there was a Renault day to be held at Duxford Aerodrome (15 minutes south of Cambridge) on 5th September 2004. Duxford is owned by the Imperial War Museum and houses many beautifully restored war birds and many civilian aircraft. If interested in these aircraft, have a look at my Aircraft page where I have photos from several of my visits. Back to Renault cars, the meeting was not the old Renault club, but there were many of the older Renaults there and quite a few more R16's than I expected, all lovingly kept and restored. Two were unfortunately starting to show signs of the salt that is used on the roads here (in the UK) in winter. I was impressed to find an immaculate low mileage R12. Made me want to find a nice one and restore it, but I have too many projects now. There was not an R8 Gordini there unfortunately, nor a Floride or Caravelle even though it seems to be the last nice weekend before the real cold weather sets in. The weather was relatively fine and the usual cool wind was blowing quite strongly down the main airstrip bringing scattered clouds, but no rain. Maybe the forecast for rain stopped more entrants to the meeting. I think that Renault UK also supported the meeting as they supplied a display van for the Renault range.

Please feel free to take any of my photos if you so desire.

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This is an pristine R8 Major in a nice grey metallic finish and extremely well restored. There was also an R8S, but not as nice a car as this one. Two R4's were at the day, this UK very nice 850cc model and a French Van with the 100cc engine and 4 speed gearbox
Thye R16 was the flavour of the day with many extremely well kept examples. My vote is for this professionally restored model A solitary R10 in reasonable condition, but an interesting one as it is the 1300 model that I thought only went to the US.
Two very sporting A110's but two very nice A310's The R5 Turbo 2 is now an extremely collectible car in the UK and this is an extremely nice LHD version. Also there is a concourse R5 Gordini (Alpine) turbo. For more info on the R5 Gordini (Alpine) here is Andrew's R5 Gordini page.
The R12 Gordini is LHD, but an extremely well presented example. Also have a look at the pristine 1975 R12 A lonely R18, what more can I say about this much unloved Renault - the cause of the fall of Renault in Australia - I unfortunately owned one for a short time back in 1980-82.
The Modern version of the R5 Turbo 2, a Clio Sport V6 mid mounted low production sport Clio. From what the owner has written, this is one of 500 and the second one that I have seen here in the UK. OK not a Renault, but the meeting was at Duxford. This is the resident B17 Flying Fortress. For more photos of Air shows that we have attended at look at my Aircraft page.

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