Renault Australian Centenery Canberra


Hosted by the Renault Car Owner's Club of Canberra

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I have some photographs of a few of the cars that I liked. Please feel free to take any of these
The 4CVs (750's) A Gendarme from the French Consulate Two of the Veteram Renaults (AX?)
A nice Caravelle "S" from Victoria An early 4CV used daily and fitted with an R10 engine Simon Fitzpatrick's R4 from South Australia
An Immaculate R16TS in the Autumn leaves An R5 Turbo II down from Queensland A Gaggle of 12's
Front view of the Renault Tank - 1915/td> The engine bay with the rear engine water cooled. Possibly the first of the rear engined Renaults All the Alpines

Last updated Monday, 2 August, 1998