Melbourne F1 Renault display

March 1997

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The Renault enthusiasts in Melbourne mainly inspired by Colin Stark from Alpine Affaire, organised a display of Renault sporting cars as it is the last official year for Renault Sport in Australia as part of the F1 Grand Prix. Around 50 participants nominated to attend for the four days, but some of the cars were not really a "Sporting" renault in the true sense of the word. I reckon that all renaults are sporting vehicles and therefore both the 4CV,s and the R4 that attended would comply.

I beleive it was the best display of a variety of Renults that I have ever seen in Australia in the one place. Every renault version that was ever produced in Australia was there on one of the four days of the event. Melbourne is really the capital for French Cars, and especially older Renaults and Peugeots as they were built by Renault Australia there from about 1963 to 1981.

I took my "Frog" down there after spending a couple of days finishing off some accident damage from a race crash.

I have some photographs of a few of the cars that I liked. Please feel free to take any of these

John Hardy's Alpine Renault A110 1600 Alpine Renault A110 1400 Simon Fitspatrick's Racing R4
A standard R8 Major R8G R1134 with later front Immaculate R12 Gordini
An Immaculate R15 Colin Stark's Carravelle "S" A great colour for the A310 with the R5 Turbo II in the background
Colin Stark's Alpine GTA and the R12 Gordini in the background Another GTA A nice little 1954 model 4CV fully registered and used daily.

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